Wednesday, May 21, 2008

More than an 8-second ride

The 2nd annual safe driving TWD Truck Roadeo for the Bancroft AMC was held on June 14, 2006, at the Fraser Ville Patrol yard near Peterborough. Later that month, 2006, TWD's Kingston/Ottawa AMC held their 7th annual event at the Brockville Patrol yard. These roadeos tested the skills and expertise of their maintenance workers. With the support of MTO Eastern Region, TWD has used this event to utilize a broad range of equipment for safety training purposes.
The Roadeo consists of a driving course with five obstacles and a pre-trip vehicle inspection. This year's inspection was based on winter maintenance equipment. A plow and sander combo truck is given five specific defects by mechanics and the participant is judged on technique and their ability to find the defects stressing the importance of a pre-trip inspection.
The obstacles on the driving course tested their operating skill. The offset alley required operators to maneuver through barricades offset to one another, with just the length of the truck separating the barricades. The serpentine obstacle tested the participants' ability to avoid barriers on both sides of the truck while making an "S" turn. This is done in a forward and reverse motion. Diminishing clearance and stop obstacles test the operators skill as the course starts with four inches of clearance on both sides of the vehicle and then narrows to one inch by the end of the obstacle.
MTO Maintenance Superintendents, Maintenance, Coordinators and Regional Fleet Coordinators judged and scored the skill testing events. At Brockville, Mike Woods of Barriefield Patrol finished first; John Watson of Brockville Patrol finished 2nd; and Jim Hales, also from, Barriefield Patrol finished 3rd. At the Fraser Ville Roadeo, Marvin Siydock of Whitney / Barry's Bay Patrol finished first; Rob Armstrong of Bow Lake Patrol finished 2nd; and John Gionet of Fraser ville Patrol finished 3rd.
TWD stresses safety in all aspects of their maintenance work and the Roadeo is just part of their on-going training. TWD's safety motto "Don't walk by" along with the safe driving roadeo have helped their staff achieve a category 1 achievement award from the Transportation Health & Safety Association of Ontario.
TWD Roads Management Inc. plans to continue to expand their annual safety events, eventually to all of their contracts throughout the province.

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