Sunday, January 4, 2009

Bull bars and Road Transport Trauma

Road safety barriers are designed to enhance the safety of the road infrastructure by containing errant vehicles and reducing the severity of off-path collisions. Experience indicates that conventional barrier systems used in accordance with specific guidelines have performed well in protecting the occupants of passenger cars. However, their effects on the safety of motorcyclists, is somewhat problematic. Given the limited available information on motorcycle-barrier interactions, and the lack of established procedures for motorcycle crash-testing, ATSB commissioned a preliminary investigation of relevant issues. This report is the principal output of these preliminary investigations.

The main purpose of this initial work was to recommend a research method for investigating the interactions between motorcycles and road safety barriers. Specific objectives were to:

* identify barrier design issues likely to impact on motorcycle rider safety;
* identify relevant rider injury mechanisms;
* identify and assess the feasibility of research methods for investigating interactions between motorcycles and safety barriers;
* recommend a research program, addressing the overall aims described above.

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