Wednesday, February 3, 2010

endered Speculation: 2012 Volkswagen Beetle Second Generation is preparing the next-generation New Beetle for a 2012 debut. These renderings depict what the car with the iconic name could look like in its final form. Though the New VW Beetle used this name in many markets around the world, reports suggest that it will mislay the "New" prefix and revisit being just a Beetle.

The car will gain quite a distinguished amount of interior space, especially at the rear. It will be bigger both inside and outside, it also features LED technology in the front and rear exterior lights clusters also the muscular wheel arches will underscore its intentions of attracting a younger, feistier set. Also an eco-friendly BlueMotion and a hot R version could be added to the range for the very first time. Though an R version leaves us skeptical, the recent announcement of a new VW performance orientated R division could make it actuality.

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