Friday, March 26, 2010

The New Concept Car – EN-V from General Motors Motors (GM) will unveil its latest concept car EN-V or Electric Networked car at the forthcoming Shanghai Pudong Expo in China on May 01. General Motor China and its Chinese partner SAIC will unveil the new concept car together to spot a new presence as supplier of non-polluting cars. These cars have been specifically designed for the new congested mega-cities of the future that face severe problems like pollution, traffic jams, urbane traffic and increased fuel prices. car is still in its nascent stages and is not expected to hit the market even in next 10 to 20 years. The new car will be capable of commuting with other cars to keep away from congestion and accidents in urban traffic. "In the EN-V we’re really showing a new concept, for not just electrified vehicles but a reinvented vehicle experience for mega cities," said Mr. Alan Taub, General Motors vice president for global research and development. to General Motors, the car will be available as 3 variants that can go up to 40 Km in a single charge. The new EN-V comes as a GM’s effort to reposition itself as car maker with eco-friendly cars.

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