Saturday, July 10, 2010

2010 Status Design Studio SD SU35 Ferrari 430
SD SU35 from Status Design Studio for Ferrari F430 – is a bright Body Kit, which now require high technology skills and has no one looks like. While representing the possibilities to the owner for creative implementation, since changes can be made for a specific appearance, which impress especially YOU.
SD SU35 for Ferrari F430 includes the following exterior parts: All body of the car colored by the hands in factory material PPG, 2 decorative lines in the grey color and with black edging through the roof and carbon hood of the car. Lines add sporty character to the car, Front Bumper from Scuderia model with integrated carbon spoiler, Back Bumper from the Scuderia with diffuser in carbon, Carbon mirrors, Carbon Spoiler, Carbon hood, Sideskirts in Carbon, Wheels from Scuderia model, colored in the dark-blue “titanic” with red line and now Installed a new brake system with ceramic brake discs.

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