Sunday, July 10, 2011

2011 Kicherer Mercedes-Benz CLS Edition Black

By means of a software update and a sports tire out system the performance of the V8 biturbo engine was increased by around 62 Ps and 90 Newton metres. To help the 470 horsepower get straight to work an unique KICHERER Power Converter was mounted in the Mercedes-Benz CLS 500 Coupe. The accelerator pedal thus reacts almost right away to the driver’s commands. Both ear and eye can delight in many ways in a beautiful wear out system at the rear of the vehicle. On the one hand even the ex-works end pipes are persuasive with a modern, almost rectangular design and on the other hand the KICHERER sports exhaust system after it produces a sportily exciting but still discrete V8 sound.

The elegant side-view of the CLS 500 is perfected by the sportily filigree, hand-made KICHERER RS-1 20 inch forged wheels – behind which one can easily visualize the power of the 6 and 4 piston high performance braking system. With its compound discs and the bendable stainless steel hoses this ensures the appropriate negative acceleration for the performance is produced. The noble interior complements the overall look of the KICHERER CLS Edition Black and been refitted to the highest quality with interior elements and door sills in piano lacquer. The chassis was refurbished to match the exterior character of the car with a High End Foliation in matte black and carbon.

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