Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Drivers your attention please!

Driving is a task that requires your full attention every time you get behind the wheel. As a driver, you must always remember to reduce driver distractions and focus on the driving task. Your first responsibility is road safety!
There are a number of potential driver distractions and these may include:
* Technology devices such as cell phones, laptops and hand-held organizers;
* reading maps or other material;
* grooming activities;
* Eating or drinking;
* Note taking;
* conversing with passengers;
* tending to children or pets; and
* adjusting in-vehicle controls (radio, climate control and CD player)
Police can charge drivers with careless driving if they do not pay full attention to the driving task. If you are convicted of careless driving you will automatically receive six demerit points, fines up to $1,000 and/or a jail term of six months. In some cases, your licence may be suspended for up to two years. This is one of Ontario's toughest rules of the road.

The following are some tips to help reduce driver distraction:
* Put reading material in trunk if tempted to read.
* Attend to personal grooming and plan route before leaving.
* Identify and preset your vehicle's climate control, radio and CD player.
* Make it a habit to use your cell phone only when parked, have a passenger take the call or let the caller go to voice mail.
* Do not engage in emotional or complex conversation.
* When hungry or thirsty, take a break.

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