Monday, June 16, 2008

Safety and Security Technology Deployment

Over the past several years, FMCSA has been involved in efforts to test, evaluate, and encourage the deployment of onboard safety and security systems, such as collision warning systems with adaptive cruise control, stability control systems, lane departure warning systems, and vehicle tracking systems. Through systematic deployment planning for onboard systems, FMCSA continues to be engaged in industry-government partnerships to conduct studies and relay information to promote commercial motor vehicle (CMV) safety and security.

Through this collaboration, functional specifications were developed to relay a better understanding of the functions of onboard safety and security systems and to provide insight into the safety and efficiency benefits of using the systems. FMCSA has recently released Commercial Motor Vehicle Onboard Safety and Security Systems Technology Product Guides on its website, which provides a portfolio of existing and emerging safety and security system technologies for the motor carrier industry. The purpose of this information on this site is to assist carriers, drivers, fleet managers, and other interested individuals in learning more about available safety and security systems. Currently, FMCSA is working on completing analyses of the costs and benefits of these systems and assessing the use of the systems by the industry. In the future, FMCSA plans to perform expanded testing of onboard safety systems to identify and resolve technology adoption issues, confirm and extrapolate safety and productivity benefits to the broader industry, and develop focused deployment efforts to promote expanded adoption of the systems by industry.

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