Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Check engine and driveline

  • Engine and driveline mounts or driveline components are loose, cracked, broken or are missing components or fasteners;
  • Any universal joint or securing bolts are loose or missing;
  • Engine and transmission controls are inoperative;
  • A vehicle fitted with automatic transmission is capable of being started when the transmission control is in a position to drive the vehicle;
  • A vehicle fitted with automatic transmission does not have, in the driver’s compartment, an indicator showing the transmission control position (where applicable);
  • Seals on covers between the engine and the passenger compartment are missing, distorted or damaged in a way that allows fumes to enter the passenger compartment;
  • Engine emits excessive smoke for at least 10 seconds continually at or near the discharge end of the exhaust pipe;
  • Emission control equipment is missing or inoperative;

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