Friday, August 22, 2008

Check pin couplings and pintle hooks

  • Where ADR 62 applies a 50mm pin type coupling does not display the manufacturer’s name/trademark, rated vertical load and the gross mass rating;
  • Pin couplings or pintle hooks have any missing, loose, broken, deformed or cracked fasteners including welds.
  • Any mounting bolts, fasteners or weld beads have advanced corrosion;
  • The area that the pin coupling or pintle hook is mounted on is loose or cracked or any locking mechanism is not fitted or is inoperative;
  • The pin coupling or pintle hook welds have cracks;
  • Pin couplings or pintle hooks are worn beyond the manufacturer’s limits. If the manufacturer’s limits are not known, any dimension on a wear surface of the horn of a pintle hook or pin coupling is worn more than 5% of the original diameter.

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