Wednesday, October 14, 2009

10 things to buy a TATA NANO car

1. Does it actually cost Rs. 100,000? (About $2,000)?

Yes, but that is for the base model and without tax. The higher-end versions will cost more.

2. What makes Nano so cheap?

It is made with fewer materials than other cars, so it may costs less to produce. Tata Motors, headed by Ratan Tata, asked every one of its components makers to redesign their parts to reduce their weight and cost, but still perform well.

3. Does it have sufficient power to pass a truck on the highway?

Possibly a small truck. The Nano can do 0 to 100 km (0-62 mph) in 23 seconds. For most usual city driving, the two-cylinder engine would be fine; however it loses some of its power while the AC is running.

4. Will I feel cool to driving it?

Of course, it is a cute car. The exterior is imported Japanese as well as Korean steel, and even the fundamental model feels roomy inside. The vinyl seating on the basic model as well as rough plastic door locks, however, looks cheap.

5. How does Nano handle it?

Extremely well. After putting the engine in the rear to save space, Tata engineers reconfigured
the rest of the car. The spare tire as well as gas tank is in the front, while the battery is under the driver seat. All that rearranging keeps the front axle weight balanced, and it also improves the handling of the car.

6. When will it be available outside India?

The Nano Europa is planned for 2011 in Europe. But there is no plan so far for the United States.

7. What will be the gas mileage?

The Nano weighs so small — just 600 kg or 1,322 lbs, half that of a Honda Accord — that it does not need much to run and it gets more than 20 km/l, or 47 miles/gal.

8. Will Nano increase the pollution?

The company says the Nano's CO2 emissions (110 g/km) are not as much of the high-end motorcycle. This is not a clean-burning car, so it will affix to the world's carbon emissions, nevertheless Tata Motors argues that if it replaces motorcycles and scooters, the net effect will be to lesser emissions from what they otherwise would have been.

9. Is Nano is safe to buy?

The Nano is built to meet up the safety standards of whatsoever country it is in. For India, that means crash tests, seat belts and fog lamps, but there is no airbags. As Nano car moves to other countries, it will scrupulously meet minimum standards, although Tata Motors is not trying to use safety features as a selling point.

10. How do you buy a Nano?

No, not online. Nano should be ordered in person starting mid-April at one of Tata Motors 470 outlets in India, however you won't be able to drive it home. The very first Nano will be on the road in June or else July.

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