Thursday, October 8, 2009

Vehicle Transport Trailer and Truck Types

Deciding what vehicle transport trailer as well as truck type to use is a matter of your timeline, budget, moreover concern over your vehicle being exposed to the elements. Seek advice from your car transport service if you have any queries on what would work best for your car. Don’t forget to let your auto transporter know about special requirements or concerns; for example, if you are transporting an SUV, your vehicle has a low ground clearance, your vehicle is not running, or it has some mechanical problems, because these things can make some transportation methods superior than others.

Types for vehicle transport service

There are two most important types of trucks used for car transport service: tractor trailer trucks or a pick-up style truck normally called as hotshot. Tractor trailers are generally a better choice for discount auto shipping because they can tow more vehicles at once, but they are slower and have a tough time navigating residential areas. You may need to meet your driver in an open parking lot to freight and drop your car from a tractor trailer. Hotshot trucks are more expensive, but it can deliver your vehicle faster also have a much easier time navigating neighborhood streets.

Type 1: Enclosed vs. open car transport trailers

Whether you use either tractor trailer or a hotshot truck, you must have to decide on what type of car transport trailer you want for your vehicle. If you want your car protected from weather and road elements, the finest way to ship is an enclosed trailer, however enclosed trailers can charge as much as twice as an open trailer.

If you choose to ship your vehicle on an open trailer for that there are several types to choose from. Remember, your car will be completely or partially exposed towards the elements if you ship on an open trailer.

Type 2: Multi-car transport trailers

Multi-car trailers are open trailers that can carry three to twelve vehicles at once. Multi-car trailers have the best prices, but the time factor delivers your car. If you ship on a multi-car trailer, make sure to be on time for your pick up and delivery—keep in mind, other shippers are relying on you to make clear in your mind that all the vehicles on the trailer get to the right spot at the right moment. There is some argue about whether having your vehicle on the top or bottom rack is better. If your car is on the bottom, there is the possibility that oil from cars residing on top will drip down. On the other hand, as trucks pull into areas with trees, it is likely a car stored on the top rack will be hit by branches.

Single car trailers: open and flatbed

A single car transport trailer is an added type of open trailer. Usually these types of trailers are used to deliver a car as quickly as possible. In this type only one car be picked up and only one can be delivered. These types of trailers are more expensive than enclosed trailers.

At last, if your vehicle is over sized or has been modified, for that you may want to ship it on a flatbed trailer and the cost of a flatbed trailer will depend on how many items are on the trailer and how huge your car is.

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