Sunday, December 23, 2012

BMW Designs Concept cars

BMW Gina Light visionary model (2008).

BMW Visionary Model

With this model, BMW Group Design offer fresh impetus for a primary debate about precisely what individuality will be influencing automotive expansion in tomorrow’s world. Built as more of a investigate subject than a perception vehicle, the GINA Light imaginative model presents a vision of the prospect automobile based on a characteristic attitude of its own. In the process, the study takes the limits of today’s resources and developed processes and projects them far into the outlook.  

BMW Vision EfficientDynamics (2009).

BMW Efficient Dynamics

The BMW Vision EfficientDynamics fuses innovative, aerodynamically smooth design with a decrease in fuel expenditure and emissions. The layering method is employed in its internal for the first time. By affect the principle of “form follows function” to every last feature, the design endows the study with an exclusive artistic appeal and a powerful exciting lure.  

BMW Vision Connected Drive (2011).

BMW Connected Drive

A sculpturesque study that gives existing form to cutting-edge technologies and advanced ideas, and whose fundamental notion is the intellectual integration of driver, vehicle and the outside world. This is instantly apparent from the exhibit and control concept, the exclusive lighting design and the openly lively styling.

BMW 328 Hommage (2011).

BMW Hommage

The BMW 328 Hommage, which was unveil to mark the 75th birthday of the famous BMW 328 racing car, offers a modern-day understanding of the original’s principles and personality. The study shows what the BMW 328 might have looked like if it had been built these days using the newest technical know-how. The external and inside of today’s BMW 328 Hommage are mainly made from carbon fibre-reinforced artificial (CFRP).

BMW Concept Active Tourer (2012). 

BMW Tourer

The pleasantly regular BMW Concept Active Tourer has an air of sporty stylishness about it when observation from any angle. It is tangible proof that compact magnitude, functionality and adaptability are completely companionable with dynamic design. This plug-in hybrid proudly sports the highly communicative BMW front end that is a characteristic of the brand, while the rear clearly spells sportiness and stylishness. When viewed in profile, the prolonged silhouette with a proposition of a wedge shape gives the BMW Concept Active Tourer a look of enthusiasm that is unrivalled in this class, even when motionless.

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