Thursday, April 22, 2010

Maserati to offer 2 new models within next 5 years
Following news earlier today that Ferrari will launch 6 new models by 2013, comes word that sister company Maserati will expand its range downward by adding 2 premium models priced between 55,000 Euros and 70,000 Euros (AUD$80,000 to $101,000) by 2015.

Presently, Maserati’s lowest priced Maserati offering, the GranTurismo, retails at a little more than 112,000 Euros (AUD$162,000).

CEO of Maserati, Sergio Marchionne, says the reason behind offering a less pricey pair of models is to capitalize on the brand’s DNA. The move in to the new segment part of the firm’s 5-year plan.

Other changes will see Maserati replace its flagship Quattroporte sometime within the next 4 years. Mr Marchionne didn’t say when the model’s replacement would arrive, but did say we can expect pricing to be similar to that of the newly released BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo.

The move comes as Maserati aims to bolster its combined revenues with Ferrari to over 3.5 billion Euros (AUD$5.05 billion) in 2014. Previous year, the pair made a little more than two billion Euros (AUD$2.88 billion).

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