Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The New 2010 Bertone Alfa Romeo Pandion Concept commemorate Alfa Romeo’s 100th year anniversary, Bertone returned to the international scene to unveil a concept car: the magnificent Pandion. This gorgeous, yet aggressive, coupe is the first car produced by Bertone’s new Brand and Design Director, Mike Robinson. The motivation behind the sports car’s name and design is the Pandion haliaetus. This sea hawk, known as the Osprey, lives near the coast and preys on fishes. new 2010 Bertone Alfa Romeo Pandion Concept boasts of its unique ‘Skin and Frame’ body design that perfectly blends elegance as well as technology together. The ‘skin’, which is the snake in the logo, represents the seductive and magnificent form of this Italian masterpiece, as the ‘frame’, which refers to the cross, represents the mechanical excellence of the car. Enthused by the natural grace and strength of the Osprey’s wings, Robinson and his team designed the door to open in a striking manner, ending up in a perfect 90-degree over the rear-wheel of the coupe. The interior of this exreme sports car is another sight to behold. The design of the 2 front chairs resembles chaise-lounges that are incredibly thin and possess carbon fiber shells that mimic the exterior of the car. The entire interior seems to be floating in mid-air creating a ‘zero-gravity’ ambiance.

Looking under the hood, the new 2010 Bertone Alfa Romeo Pandion Concept is powered by a 4.7-liter 450 CV 8-cylinder engine that delivers 444 hp.

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