Monday, April 26, 2010

The New 2010 Edo Competition Aston Martin DBS new 2010 Aston Martin DBS is a luxury sports car equipped with a 6.0-liter V-12 engine that produces an impressive 517 horsepower (hp) and 420 lb-ft of torque. This exquisite piece of work is capable of going on a speed of 300 km/hr or 186 mph. competition Aston martin DBS, though, declared their intention to increase the Aston Martin DBS’ specifications even, though, declared their intention to increase the Aston Martin DBS’ specifications even higher. It was a challenge, yes, but one they pursued with determination. Towards the end of it all, they emerged victorious. Engineers at Edo competition modified the Engine Control Unit (ECU) of this British wondercar by a software recalibration. They also added in special catalytic converters, a new high performance exhaust system, also an upgraded air-flow system, successfully increasing the car’s output from 517 hp to a whopping 550 hp. The torque was also increased to 442 ft-lb. So as to document the true power produced by the car after the modification, 2010 Edo competition used a dynamometer throughout the whole process to verify and calibrate results.

The high performance exhaust system which was made in particular for the 2010 Aston martin DBS has butterfly valves and a programmeable exhaust control system that monitors backpressure also provides the car with good torque without wasting top end hp even when one is driving at low speeds. Edo competition Aston Martin DBS also added sports suspension to this luxury sports car for more comfort also a new high performance brake system for added safety. The result: a highly impressive and safe 2010 Edo Competition Aston Martin DBS.

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