Thursday, June 10, 2010

2010 GTA Spano
GTA has developed now a special engine for this car, and has opted for a V10, 8.3 litre engine placed in a longitudinal rear position. It has 780 horsepower and with 920 Nm torque. The GTA Spano comes with a top speed of over 350 km/h with its acceleration from 0 to 100 Km/h in under threee seconds. Spano also has an electronic power with control system which regulates power from a minimum of 450 cv to the maximum power. The gearbox is now available in three options, all of which have seven gears: automatically sequential or automatically sequential with a paddle shift steering wheel or manual in H.
The tyres are manufactured exclusively for this car by Pirelli: 255/35 on a 19” front wheel and 335/30 on a 20” rear wheel. Spano also offers self-adjusting shock absorbers which are capable of raising the car by up to 8 cm to avoid potholes and regular speed bumps on roads, and to facilitate access to garages. It also has twin trapezium suspension, which enables all kinds of adjustments.

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