Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Detroit Deisel Engines Series 60

Detroit Diesel Series 60 Engines For Sale

No matter what engine you are searching for, here are your odds of locating a commercial duty diesel engine with plenty of performance have increased by stopping here. Detroit Diesel engines make the cut. loads with acceleration. Easy maintenance. Unsurpassed dependability. And by meeting the latest EPA requirements and delivering superior fuel economy, it tackles today’s tough trucking challenges like a champ.

Drivers and the commercial equipment operators want a diesel engine they can believe in. That’s why every diesel engine is built to give you what you have need on the open road or for commercial purposes where a deadline is an issue.

Weighing in at only approx. 2,800 lbs, the Series 60 puts its power in the right place, working hard and hauling loads. And its excellent power-to-weight ratio, integrated DDEC VI electronic controls and advanced after treatment system help make the Series 60 the fuel-efficiency leader since 1987.

The Series 60’s Advanced Fuel System features improved injection for faster response time and greater efficiency. The DDEC VI-controlled high-pressure dual solenoid injectors provide excellent fuel control and fewer emissions with above average fuel efficiency.

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