Thursday, June 3, 2010

2010 Prior Design Mercedes-Benz SL R230
PRIOR design presented their latest wide-body kit, the PD-SERIES is based upon the Mercedes-Benz SL R230. The Prior Design Mercedes-Benz SL R230 comes with a front spoiler with large, greedy air inlets. The cowl with its many air inlets that reaches up to the windshield supplying even high-performance motors with sufficient air. For the rear side, the large track of the PD-SERIES is connected by a perfectly rounded and has rear bumper from one wheel arch to the other, which in turn is equipped with a diffuser based on racing technology. It is available either as sight carbon or full carbon.
A specially developed wheel/tyre combination is available on as a complete set in the following sizes: Wheel rim PD1 (three-piece stainless steel outer bed, black finish), front axle 10×20 inch with 265/30R20, rear axle 12×20 inch with 305/25R20.

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