Monday, September 13, 2010

Ferrari Goes Green
Ferrari has been developed from the traditions to make it as the highest performance sports car in green. Most of the important car manufacturers increase the sales of their vehicles by using green technology and Ferrari doesn’t want to delay too far behind. While at this time, it is not accurately clear and what will happen if there are several rumor floating around. One of the rumors is that they will incorporate their Kerns system into their street road cars. This was a technology formerly designed for their Formula 1 team in the 2009 season and this system allows the cars a temporarily important boost in power while maintaining a reasonably sized engine. It is also assumed that they will be fitting the cars to run on bio-fuel. It is obtainable to be and interesting for those lucky few who have the income to buy a car. It is important to know that they can enjoy the car horsepower, while keeping the planet green.


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