Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Packaging tips for sending items through courier services

Are you planning to send a parcel through a reputed courier service? People often rely upon the couriers as a way of ensuring that the important items would be transported to the destination safely and timely. Nobody would send a parcel that is of no importance. Since the parcel you are sending is valuable, it is important that it requires optimum protection. Proper packing ensures that the contents inside the parcel would be secured. Sometimes the package would be official nature containing business documents. Thus it becomes necessary that the items should be packed properly.

A reputed courier would ensure the safety of the item being sent. However you should not rely upon the delivery service alone. It is your responsibility to ensure proper packaging so that the parcel is protected against collision or physical impact. Consider certain packing tips in mind for a better delivery at the destination.

If you are sending some important business documents, use a heavy duty envelope to enclose the items. Choose an envelope which does not tear very easily. There are special envelopes with cardboard on one side instead of paper. There are also enveloped which has a cloth lining inside so that it would remain strong. On the other hand, if you are sending large business documents, never use the envelopes. Such documents should be sent through a sturdy poster tube. Such poster tubes are generally made of hardened cardboard or plastic for shield.

Sometimes delicate items are also sent via courier services. Since the nature of the materials inside is delicate, chances are there that the contents might get damaged during the transit. In such cases square boxes or corrugated boxes are perfect for securing the materials inside. You can also go for rated boxes which has a certified stamp on the bottom. This stamp would give an idea about the gross weight that can be carried in that particular box. Remember to buy package boxes that would be slightly larger than the parcel. Minimum one inch of space should be ideally kept around the item so that the impact of any collision would be reduced. Used boxes are also used for sending the packages through courier companies. But they should be in a good condition. You need to make sure that any labels or shipments markings should be removed from these boxes.

Appropriate insulation of the boxes is extremely important during packing. Materials like newspapers, bubble wraps can make excellent choices for insulation. For protecting the parcel from falling, you can use a heavy duty parcel tape. Make sure to mark the box as ‘fragile’ if the contents inside are easily breakable. The packages are exposed to weather conditions. Hence water proof packaging is recommended if the contents inside are prone to sogginess. Last but not the least; ensure that the address label is placed properly on the box. Paste a clear tape.

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