Monday, September 13, 2010

Preparing the motorcycle before transportation

There would be many instances where you would like to go for motorcycle shipping. Sometimes you must have bought or sold a bike online, or you must be sending it to a friend or traveling across the country to ride. In all these situations you would need to transport your motorbike safely. And for the safe bike delivery, it would be wise to follow certain steps that would minimize the chances of the bike getting damaged during transit. In addition, taking some precautionary steps would help you collect compensation in case any accident occurs in between.

The very first step in motorbike delivery would be finding a reliable motorcycle transporter. It is not a tough job to find one such in your locality. You can either find the company details in local directory or you can even search online. There is yet another option which is convenient and easier. Certain online auto transport companies allow visitors to post shipments online and receive multiple bids from carriers. This is very helpful as you can compare rates of a few shippers to make sure that you are getting a fair deal. Apart from the shipping quotes and services, checking the authenticity of the company is really important. The motorbike transporters should be licensed and insured to ship your bike. You can contact the Better Business Bureau for understanding the reputation of the company.

One you have selected a company to ship the motorbike, you need to take few moves to prepare the bike for the trailer. You need to wash your vehicle properly and closely keep an eye for any existing scratches, dents, dings or other imperfections. Make a note of all these in a written format and also take some photos. Take your time and note the condition of the bike as this would be very helpful if anything happen and you need to file a claim. It is wise to remove items like mirrors which are likely to be lost or broken while shipping. The company may provide insurance but it will not cover any missing or damaged accessories. Hence it is important to double check if everything is in place.

If possible, you need to do a quick mechanical check up before transportation. The bike would not be ridden during the shipment generally but in order to get it on and off the trailer, transporters would fire it up. Hence it becomes necessary for the bike to be in appropriate condition. Check if the tires are properly inflated and fluid level is proper. The gas tank should be filled to a minimum and the battery should also be charged. Sometimes your bike may require certain special starting procedures or it may be experiencing some hitches. In that case you must inform the shipper beforehand regarding these.

Another thing to remember is that if the bike is antique, rare or extremely customized, it is better to go with a motorcycle transport that specializes on such vehicles. Such companies would be experts in taking necessary steps to handle your motorbike.


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