Sunday, October 7, 2012

Audi A3 is now ABT AS3

The upcoming 2013 Audi A3 is a bigger car when style and presentation are taken into reflection. Upping this level, as always, ABT Sports line have exposed details on their ABT AS3, which redefines the yardstick of sportiness and enthusiasm in a compact car. ABT Sportsline range of engines is top indentation with the uppermost production.

In the Audi A3 variant, you will find the new 2.0L TFSI which generate 220 bhp. In the ABT AS3 you will find the same 2.0L mill, but tuned to throw 280 hp at you. The engine makes the new A3 a consistent vehicle which can perform well under any type of conditions. Double pipe exhaust, new 18" and 19" wheels, bulky front lattice and spoiler and a rear evade insert are some of the outer surface features of the new Audi A3. 

 Hans-Jürgen Abt, the managing director of ABT Sportsline says: "We have dealt with Audi cars for many decades now. We urbanized the AS3 by utilizing all our familiarity and know-how. Our clientele can always depend upon getting a fully corresponding car." 

If there is one car that defines the premium average in the compacted car section, it certainly is the Audi A3. And if it comes to sportiness and enthusiasm, the benchmark is the ABT AS3. For the new series of this victorious model, the engineers of the internationally largest tuner of cars fashioned by the Volkswagen Group have been most triumphant. The engines are very torque and great indeed. The at present most powerful alternative with ABT Sportsline shows about 280 hp (206 kW).

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