Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Nissan Released New Compact SUV With Fuel Cell Powered

Billed as a showcase for Nissan’s imminent zero-emissions technology, the TeRRa concept that was unveiled at the Paris Auto Show is also an inspiring design study for expectations SUV. Having previously being at the vanguard of ZEVs with the all-electric Leaf, the Japanese automaker is also investing in other upcoming technology, such as fuel cells. The TeRRa’s front axle is powered by the electric system previously found in the Leaf, as each back wheel incorporates an electric motor, offering all-wheel force when wanted. 

A flat, compact hydrogen fuel cell stack that is located under the cap, feeds all three electric motors. According to Nissan, it has a "world-leading" control mass of 2.5kW/L and costs just one-sixth of its 2005 ancestor. Nissan managerial vice president Andy Palmer, who unveils the concept, said: “In less than a generation time there will be millions of zero-emission vehicles on the road and we will be the privileged when that happens”. The automaker also stresses that, even though the TeRRa is just a plan idea, its all-wheel drive fuel cell electric power train is “far from imaginary” and will enter manufacture when hydrogen becomes widely accessible. 

Nissan Terra Concept
Shiro Nakamura, Nissan’s senior vice president and chief of plan, explained the philosophy behind TeRRa’s styling: “You have the big tires, high belt-line, thick pillars and thin side windows of the SUV expressions. But with a slight waist between explicit fenders above the wheel arch and a sculptured cover, we’ve created an ‘Implied Structure’ of musculature under the skin.” The conception lacks a B-pillar and features “suicide” rear doors, like the Mazda RX-8. The rear seats have been situated slantwise over the shoulders of the front seats, ornamental rear passengers’ visibility. 

The TeRRa replaces the customary gadget cluster with a separable electronic tablet, which displays vehicle info when docked and operates like a normal tablet when separated, while still creature always “in touch” with the automobile. You can watch the official presentation of the TeRRa notion at the Paris Motor Show where well-known comic and car nut Jay Leno took an early peek into Nissan's technological center in the videos that pursue right after the smash. The design notion is meant to show off what Nissan thinks its "youthful clientele in Northern Europe" are infatuated for in a sustainable runabout. We had no idea those buyers were longing for a chubbier Juke.

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