Thursday, July 31, 2008

  • These checks require the assistance of a person to operate the vehicle controls.
  • Use chocks to prevent accidental movement of the vehicle.
  • Observe manufacturer's shut-down instructions before switching off the engine (e.g. to avoid turbo-charger damage).

Checks and reasons for rejection
  • Start the engine and charge up the braking system until the low pressure warning device turns off. Apply the brake several times until the low pressure warning device activates.
  • A visual or audible warning device connected to the brake system does not provide a warning to the driver when the air pressure is lowered to less than the following levels, unless the manufacturer specifies a different level:
  • 420 kPa (60psi) for ADR 35 vehicles
  • 350 kPa (50psi) for pre-ADR 35 vehicles

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