Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Visually inspect the LPG/NGV or CNG container

  1. The container is removable without the use of tools from any vehicle other than those specified below:
  2. fork lift trucks;
  3. vehicles which do not use LPG/NGV or CNG as a means of propulsion;
  4. diesel engine enhancement systems;

1. The container has:

  • advanced corrosion or fire damage;
  • cuts or dents which penetrate the surface of the container;
  • any dent on the container which is deeper than 10% of the width of the dent, or which is located on a weld and exceeds 6.5mm in depth;
  • any dent or crease on the container which is longer than 75mm;

1. the statutory life of the container has expired.

NOTE: It is a statutory requirement for an LPG/NGV/CNG container to be checked for continued service life:

  • LPG every ten years
  • NGV steel containers every five years
  • CNG steel containers every five years
  • fibreglass reinforced plastic (frp) containers every three years

  1. the boot lid torsion bars, coil springs or hinges contact the container;
  2. the container and its surface mounted fittings are not protected from damage by vehicle component (e.g. tail shaft) failure;
  3. where mounted within a cargo space the container is not protected from impact from cargo or other objects carried in that area, i.e. it is not installed within an enclosed protective compartment;
  4. the container or its gas carrying components are located within 150mm of a heat source and there is no heat shield;

NOTE: This may be reduced to 40mm if the shield is more than 15mm from a gas carrying component.

  1. the container is incorrectly aligned so that it impedes access to the container service valve;
  2. the container is incorrectly aligned so that it impairs the operation of the ullage valve or the automatic fill limiter (AFL);
  3. Where containers installed on or after 1 July 1988 have a wall thickness marked to be less than 2.2mm:

  • the container is not installed within a protective compartment;
  • the container is located less than 75mm from the side panels of the vehicle;
  • the container is not marked "This vessel shall be installed within a compartment inside the vehicle".

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