Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Check fifth wheels/turntables

  • Where ADR 62 applies, the fifth wheel/turntable does not display the manufacturer’s name/trademark, nominal size (eg 50mm) and the gross mass rating;
  • The mating parts of a coupling used to connect a semi-trailer to a towing vehicle allow the semi-trailer to roll to an extent that makes the towing vehicle unstable (eg quick release turntable fitted to a ballrace turntable);
  • The top and bottom mounting flanges have insufficient effective fasteners (eg ballrace);
  • Fasteners either side of the mounting frame, plate or pivot brackets are insufficient or ineffective;
  • Fifth wheel/turntable mounting plate or sub frame assembly securing bolts are missing, broken or loose, or the fasteners are "U" bolts;
  • There is movement between the fixed mounting components;
  • is more than 5 mm horizontal movement between:

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