Monday, November 5, 2012

BMW X1 Facelift Launched in Malaysia this 2012

German luxury car giant BMW has launched the facelifted 2012 X1 intersect in Malaysia. The facelifted X1 that has been begun in Malaysia, which is a petrol loving car market, gets a 2 Liter turbo petrol engine. This engine is high-quality for a peak power of 184 Bhp and a peak torque of 270 Nm, which is a substantial improve from the older petrol engine that the preceding model of the X1 came with, which shaped 150 Bhp-200 Nm, as it was logically aspirated. 

The facelifted X1 also gets an 8 speed routine transmission, which is a big step up from the 6 speed unit that the pre-facelift models used to approach with. In India too, BMW has been advertising the pre-facelift X1, with the obviously aspirated petrol engine and the German luxury marquee will do well to bring the more powerful turbo petrol engine when it begun the facelifted model of the X1 in the next few months. For the Indian car market, BMW India will also sell the facelifted X1 with the 2 liter turbo diesel engine that force out 177 Bhp-350 Nm. 

This engine, mated to an eight speed automatic transmission, start-stop technology and brake energy renewal will be the pick of the lot given that the majority, if not all SUVs sold in India are particular with diesel engines. In the facelifted 2012 BMW X1, expect the 2 liter turbo diesel engine to produce more torque, with a 380 Nm production being quite likely, and this is 30 Nm more than the preceding torque figure of 350 Nm.

Apart from start-stop technology and the 8 speed sludge box, the 2012 BMW X1 will get a small makeover on the exterior with new headlamps and a front shock absorber. On the inside, the dashboard and the center console of the facelifted X 1 will get and renew to bring it up to times. These changes disjointedly, the X1′s profile and overall looks will be alike to the older model.

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