Thursday, November 22, 2012

The test review for Bentley Continental GTC V8 on 2013

For entry-level but barely base description of its Continental GT line, Bentley installs a V-8 in place of the customary W-12. Big B says expunge four cylinders advanced fuel economy, but we expect its aim is frequently to sell more very luxurious cars to more very affluent people.

Bentley Continental gtc v8

Like the 12-cylinder, the Audi-derived eight-holer is impecunious with two turbo, packs the output of a nuclear sub (500 horsepower and 487 pound-feet), and push you in the back like a schoolyard threaten. “Individual V-8 growl” is listed as ordinary, but that sells it way, way short. With the top downward in this GTC, the noise under full boot was so hideous we checked our unsighted spots to see if somebody had unrestricted a kraken.
Bentley Continental gtc v8

This enraged sound comes from a tech-heavy marvel spike with direct vaccination, alternator-based energy renaissance, active engine mounts, cylinder deactivation, a “hot-V” assignment for the turbo, and probably a couple vials of HGH. Note, although, that the tune here leaves impressive on the shelf: The same fundamental engine makes 520 horses in the Audi S8. When it’s not announcing itself aloud, a black lattice and red Bentley badges publicize the V-8 model. 

Bentley Continental gtc v8

And it’s really quicker than the twelve. In this drop top, 0 to 60 mph took just 4.2 ¬seconds, 0.2 improved than we documentation from a 567-hp W-12 coupe that weighed some 300 pounds less. The V-8 GTC could put down a being a quarter-mile away in 12.7 seconds, were that person cool with being throwing from a car going 113 mph. The times might be enhanced with earlier, harsher shifts, but that would be uncivilized; if the routine engages components softly, it selects them perfectly. Fuel economies certainly advance, meaning 15 mpg in this GTC against the 14 we saw from the W-12 coupe.

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