Thursday, November 1, 2012

Toyota New FT-BH Concept Car

Toyota FT-Bh Concept the features of tomorrow’s Prius C? Not accurately, but you can bet you’ll see lots of its plan into the next generation of Toyota’s Prius fleet. As cool as the idea is for dense natural gas (CNG) to restore dirty gasoline engines, I don’t think it will make its method into showrooms anytime soon. Not to say that it won’t occur, the carbon trail of CNG is one of the lowest of any flammable fuel; it’s clean and green to say the least. 

Toyota-FT-Bh-Concept Cars

Toyota asserts that the Toyota FT-Bh Concept (which is a plug-in hybrid) can get up to 134.5 mpg. That’s powerful good considering how low its carbon track is. Toyota FT-Bh considers 1,733 lbs. To put that into viewpoint, the Mazda MX5 (Miata) weighs well over 2,000 lbs or as much as Honey Boo Boo’s character.

Light compound materials and luxurious alloys would make the Toyota FT-Bh Concept too luxurious for its target demographic as things stand, so slighter cheaper resources will (most likely) bring the weight earlier to a ton. 

Toyota-FT-Bh-Concept Cars
Although the interior surround many design features that are concept car typical, we can see a few rudiments that may make it to the next batch of Prii. The center comfort, steering wheel and center display look manufacture ready. The wicker-look on the panels? Naw, not so a great deal. Still, the pillars, doors and wheel seem production gracious too. 

Toyota-FT-Bh-Concept Cars

 Check out the piece in the front fender of the Toyota FT-Bh Concept that’s a design constituent right out of the Nissan GTR’s plan book. How about that rear end with the incorporated taillights? Yep, that looks like amazing destine for production soon. It’s both aerodynamic and practical the way Toyota likes it.

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