Friday, November 16, 2012

The Detailed Story in 2013 Lexus LS

This isn’t a dollar-theater kung fu movie; it’s really how Lexus brands their full-size sedan. The flagship sedan that begins the luxury arm of Toyota nearly two decades ago could use one too; for too long the story was subdued and longer than 1,200 pages of “The Count of Monte Cristo.”

That’s no joke moreover. Lexus is arrogant to tell potential buyers that the craftsmen who work on the interiors of the LS must also be able to fold one-handed, non-dominant hand a document frog. It’s not excess, it’s just advertising.

Aside from the front face, the most theatrical change for the LS this year is the enclosure of an “F Sport” model contribution that offers body accents, lower postponement and bolstered seats. The F Sport model is an answer for Audi’s gregarious S package and BMW’s M-packaged line, even though not honestly opposing with the uber-hot S8 or Mercedes Benz AMG cars.

The F Sport model, pretty, is a tip of the cap to the younger purchaser looking for a full-size sedan that doesn’t unavoidably lull one to sleep by purely sitting in the driver seat. As before, the LS models comes in two separate engine options, obviously aspirated and mixture more on those later and two wheelbase alternative, short and long.

The short wheelbase description is a bit of a misnomer though; the wheelbase isn’t really that short on a full-size sedan nevertheless. The LS usual size clocks in at 200 inches long, with the extensive wheelbase addition 5 inches to rear legroom.

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